Keyiess Passive Entry - PKE) call that drive chip.

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Keyiess Passive Entry - PKE) call that drive chip.


I need help to develop the program and find out which Bluetooth module is suitable for this use, with a range of one meter.

Example of what I need: I will connect my smartphone to a Bluetooth device that has an alarm connected to a acerelerometro, and if someone touch it, it turns on and emits an alarm sound right there on the product, and also sends a vibration to mobile with android, and when I distance myself from alrme, say 1 meter. the system is triggered, and when I approach, the alarm system turns off.

Let's put it this way, my Android Mobile is the receiver of the other Bluetooth notices containing the alarm, Bluetooth with alarm that this is the transmitter, it transmits the alarm on my cell phone and also emits a loud alarm sound the circuit itself. If anyone touch it he sounds the alarm. Would like Keyiess Passive Entry - PKE) call that drive chip.

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Hello Catellani, The best

Hello Catellani, The best starting point would be to look at the Proximity Tag reference design . This will give you already the proximity function. Added to that an accelerometer/buzzer would of course be needed. We're just in the process of releasing the new proximity tag reference design : provisional files are online now (please look at Ref Desgins tab) and the source code will be released in the next SDK revision that is 28/03/2014. Best regards JE_Dialog