Operation of DA14580 from regulated 2V supply

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Björn Haase
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Operation of DA14580 from regulated 2V supply

Is there an operation mode for running the DA14580 from a regulated ~2V supply? Background is, that in our infra-structure we would have a constantly available ~2V source available with DC/DC regulators judged to be more efficient than what is feasible within your SoC.

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Operation of DA14580 from regulated 2V supply

Hi Björn,

sorry, that case is not supported.
You can bypass the chip's DC/DC convertor, but then you have to apply two voltages: 1.4V and 3V.
But actually, the chip's DC/DC converter efficiency is not bad: typically 85% - 90%.

Best regards, Dialog Support.

I received following feedback: two possible cases for using a 2V supply: but both are not great.
Nevertheless I would inform you on these:
1) Having 2V input in boost mode is possible, but the efficiency of the DC/DC is only 70% in this case.
2) Not using OTP (but external flash), so the higher voltage is not required: one could use a LDO to generate 1.4V from 2V.
But also here, the efficiency is not great (< 70% I think).

Best regards, Dialog Support.