Power consumption and debug mode

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Power consumption and debug mode


I need to develop a software that allows me to have the lowest consumption in debug mode (no OTP for the moment)

At this time, I have a power consumption of about 500 µA. I have choosen CFG_DEEP_SLEEP option in my code.

My questions are:
- Is it possilble to have the DEEP_SLEEP power consumption profil in debug mode? (500nA)
- If is it possible, what are the good options and the good manner to do that?


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Hi Guignier,

Hi Guignier,

when loading software via UART of JLINK into SysRam (debug/development mode), it's best to use extended sleep. In this mode the memory contents are retained.
In deep-sleep, they are lost, and without OTP content to copy the code from, the devices stops working after wake up from deep-sleep. 

Extended-sleep current is about 1.5 µA - this value depends on the amount of reserved memory.


Best regards, BB_Dialog.