Powering up the Chipset

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Powering up the Chipset

Hi All,

Pardon my ignorance for such a basic question.

I am working on my college project and need to power up the DA14580 BT chipset.
Since I am using such device for the first time I am not sure how to bring it up. Can anyone please help me on this ? So that I can move forward.


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Hello Anit, The DA14580 has

Hello Anit, The DA14580 has its own boot sequence internally. There are some programmable parameter in the device (e.g. to allow to boot from OTP or external memory) , but once power is applied (e.g. a battery is inserted or power is applied), then the internal state machine takes over to configure the device (32kHz clock , memory config etc..). I would suggest to read AN-B-011 from the 'resources' page to get a clearer view.
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