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production line tool

Dear Dialog.
We were almost finished s/w, h/w using 14580, So we'll prepare to production line.
I was already read two document(UM-B-040, UM-B-041).
And I'll purchase board(production line tool).
But I can't find method of one probrem.
For use production line tool, UART Boot Pin will P00/01, P02/03, P04/05, P06/07.
But I want to change this pin to P10/11 or SWDIO/SW_CLK.
How can I chage setting of UART Boot Pin?


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Hi build77,

Hi build77,

The da boots from specific UART pins and as far as i know its not possible to change that. Also when using the PLT you can program the da only using the predefined UART pins. The local team will contact you for further information.

Thanks MT_dialog

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