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Programming DA14580 with SWD

Dear Fellow Engineers

Can anyone please advise that if we are using SWD programming is the RESET pin absolutely required? In other words can we get away without using this pin when SWD programming? The reason why I ask is that the coin cell circuit design in the datasheet only shows SWD connections NOT serial and the RESET pin is NOT connected? I understand the SWD standard states that the RESET is required but I also understand that with some devices this is not always the case?

Also, we intended to use a Segger J-Link JTAG/SWD programmer to program the DA14580, other than managing the 6.8V VPP is there anything to be particularly aware of when programming the part in this way?

I was also wondering if perhaps anyone had a connection diagram with the required pins shown for programming the device, I understand there is a serial method also?

Many thanks,

Barry Haworth, Eroad Ltd

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Hi Barry,

Hi Barry,

You do not need access to the reset pin of the DA14580. I do recommend providing a test pin for the RST signal for production and troubleshooting purposes. You cannot connect the J-Link reset to the DA14580 directly, because the polarity of reset output from the Segger is oposite that of the DA14580 RST input (The RST of the 580 is active high). Here are the reommneded signals for your production test/programming interface:








There are ways in which you can reduce the number of signals. RST can be removed if you instead switch the power off/on. The UART on P0_4 and P0_5 is handy for RF testing, but can be routed to a different set of pins (including the SWCLK and SWDIO pins). If you are using an external Flash, it might be a good idea to be able to prevent the device from booting up from Flash. Pulling the /Hold pin low on the external Flash will do that.

I hope this helps you move forward.