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Programming OTP

Lack of an evaluation board (yet) for practical experiences, I just read the documents and a question arises.
Within the SmartSnippets UI we define the GPIO pin for high voltage (6.8V). The CLI command according help:

4. SmartSnippets.exe -type otp -com_port portNumber [-baudrate rate]
-cmd write_custom_code -file filename [-offset ofst]
Burns file to OTP memory

The GPIO pin is missing. How will this work? Do I have to proved the high voltage by hand?

If I have a homebrew design, what is needed to program the OTP by CLI command?
My suggestion:
- 2 ports for UART
- Put 6.8V to VPP (by needle adapter)
- Start CLI command

Or can I program the OTP by JTAG interface too?

Any comments are welcome.

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Hi Armin,

Hi Armin,
The GPIO pin to control the Vpp is not required. You can leave this voltage attached to the chip during the whole programming sequence. Just make sure it is removed after programming is finished to avoid any accidental programming.

To make your pinning complete:
- UART Rx and Tx
- 6.8V
- Reset pin (or generate a Power On Reset)

Tools to execute programming over JTAG will be available middle of April

Kind regards,
Dialog Support

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where the tool can execute

where the tool can execute programming over JTAG? I'm finding it for WLCSP version chip.
king cheung

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Hello King, our next version

Hello King, our next version of smart snippets will also support programming/downloading to SRAM/OTP/EEPROM/Flash over JTAG. I do not have the delivery date on this right now - let me check. Regards JE_Dialog