DA14683 - 16MHz Clock does not start

Tue, 2018-11-13 10:06 -- bobspam@free.fr


I am developing a hardware board using DA14683 and I just received a first prototype from production.
I managed to start a binary file using SEGGER j-link EDU up to the Cortex-M based on free_rtos retarget sample code.
The boot sequence is executed properly until :

while (!hw_cpm_is_xtal16m_started()) { // Block until XTAL16M starts

16 MHz crystal characteristics

Sun, 2018-06-10 16:13 -- sr9213

Dear Dialog,

The 16MHz crystal referenced by Dialog is 7M-16.000MEEQ-T. This seems to be out of stock. So can you please suggest an alternate part number.
In AN-B-054 DA14585_Application Hardware Reference Guidelines, it is only mentioned that the crystal should have max. ESR less than 100 ohms. But what about the other characteristics like load capacitance, tolerance, frequency stability? Will a two-pad crystal will make any difference?

Best Regards,

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