External ADC clock

Sat, 2019-03-02 07:25 -- ilbelvo

I cannot get working an external Clock to the ADC component in an SLG46620 project.
I have selected "EXT.CLK2" in the ADC Properties and figured out that CLK2 is available in the Matrix2 OSC component, that I have routed to input Pin12 (see attached pictures).
During emulation, OSC debug output Pin15 correctly show the Pin12 input square wave, thus confirming that the external clock is functioning.
Unfortunately ADC debug output Pin4 routed to ADC's "INT.OUT" pin is stuck at low level, indicating that no ADC conversions are taking place.

Base Circuit with the DA14580

Tue, 2018-02-13 07:05 -- Robert Reichel


I want to build a basic circuit (minimal functions) with the DA14580. My goal is to just have the antenna, the power source, the programming interface
and the oscillator on the board itself and connect all other pins to plug strips so I can add other circuits to the layout later
(eg. different inputs for the ADC, trying to controll something with the GPIO pins).

I read the start up guide and have a few questions:

DA 14580 ADC reads wrong results

Fri, 2017-08-18 03:14 -- Joyyqy

Hi Dialog experts,

I am using DA14580 Iot board with my own customization. I would like to modify the mouse example project so that the mouse could move with the changing of the voltage level on two pins of my board (these two pins are connected to a rocker like you can see on a gamepad or something).

I have tested the voltage level on these two pins while touching the rocker switch in another project file. It works just fine. But when I move the same code to the mouse project, only one of the two pins works!


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