Uart Adapter Async

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:07 -- Dieter Falk

Looking at the code in ad_uart.c I can see the following:

void ad_uart_write_async(uart_device dev, const char *wbuf, size_t wlen, ad_uart_user_cb cb,
                                                                                void *user_data)
        uart_device_config *device = (uart_device_config *) dev;
        uart_bus_dynamic_data *data = device->bus_data;

ad_uart & JTAG

Fri, 2018-12-21 15:41 --


I am running SDK DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081 on a DA14683.

I am using ad_uart to communicate asynchronously with a peripheral on UART with DMA and circular buffer activated.

- When JTAG probe is attached (using Ozone), the ad_uart_read does not receive data while I can see data flowing using a scope in both directions (meaning that ad_uart_write is ok).
If I detach the probe and let the software goes, my software works ok.

Are there any setting to use so I can debug my software ? (disable DMA ? disable FIFO ?)

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