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OTP programming using DA-14585 basic dev kit

Mon, 2020-12-14 11:41 -- Hassan


I have two questions:

1. Can use a DA-14585 basic dev kit to program (OTP) a custom board which is using a DA-14580 chip (via JTAG)?

2. I have added a jumper to the J8 pins which is done for OTP programming, but when I check the voltage at TP2 (which is meant to be 6.8V) it is 0V, am I missing something? Do you know what could be the issue that I am not getting my 6.8V? Has the TP which outputs the 6.8V changed from the DA-14580 basic dev kit? (I had one and the voltage was output at TP2).


Basic dev kit USB serial driver issue

Sun, 2016-01-31 09:09 -- enormous


We've purchased the DA14581 basic dev kit and are trying to test the very first "Blinky" project. The LED did blink, but there is no printouts on the Tera Term (meaning the UART is not set correctly). In PC's Device manager, the following new devices are listed when I plugged in the dev kit:

Under Ports(COM & LPT):
J-Link CDC UART Port (COM3)
Under USB controller:
J-Link driver
USB composite device

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