BLE modules for building applications

Thu, 2021-01-28 14:17 -- PHYSEE

I am working in a project to create a mesh wireless sensor network(WSN). I am very interested in doing so using mesh BLE devices. However, this topic is completely new for me and I have faced some challenges to fully determine the performance of BLE in a similar application to mine. Thus, I would like to ask some technical questions hoping to get better understanding for my project.

Selecting BLE Module

Thu, 2021-01-14 21:41 -- sgutala


My team is looking for a Bluetooth low energy module that meets the following requirements:

1. Bluetooth 5.0 specification

2.  Decompresses images/videos with max size of 30 MB 

3. Establishes a connection with a LCD/LED display

4. Establishes a connection with an optic sensor

5. Includes its’ own receiving antenna with a rectifier and transmitting antenna with an oscillator that supports frequency band of 2.4 GHz

6. Ability to interface with an external flash that will store 30 MB max file space

Over The Air Programming on DA14531MOD-00F01002

Tue, 2020-07-14 15:21 -- rajesh kaliyaperumal


We are using smartbond tiny module (DA14531MOD-00F01002) in our application.

The thing is we have connected SWD pins from the module as shown in attachment, for debugging & development of software.

We had connected UART with flow control to our microcontroller as a host interface to module.

Since these pins are not accessible when assembled as a unit, How to proceed with Over The Air programming of the module (OTA) for first time ?

Also how to update the firmware for subsequent updates using OTA ?

Appreciate your help at the earliest !!

BLE Connection Issue

Thu, 2020-04-30 08:59 -- johrirj88


We are using BLE peripheral example code, from SDK which is working, but we have following situation:

We need BLE to be enabled and connected once a connection is established with a mobile app, which, as of now is disconnecting after around 10 seconds.
1. For how much time a task executes when it is created using OS_TASK_CREATE() function?
2. We need to execute it for infinite amount of time, how to do this?
3. Please share SDK manual which can explain other related queries on the functions used?

Please help in this regard asap.

Create multiple characteristics in a single BLE Service?

Mon, 2019-09-09 18:54 -- mahmed106

Hi dialog

I want to create multiple characteristics in a single service, right now i am working on pxp reporter and added my custom service from the dialog website tutorial. Its working great, but now i want to add more characteristics but cannot find an example code or tutorial.


Simple BLE project: advice needed

Mon, 2019-01-28 22:31 -- mkkn

Hi there,

I'm an electrical engineering student looking to make a simple home project to get my head around PCB design, Altium, soldering etc. and I'm in need of some advice.

I want to build a system centred on (I think) one of the smart bond chips, a button, a coin battery, and a connection to my phone.

Problem with da1468x UART pin connection

Sun, 2018-07-08 10:26 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Hello Dialog,
I have a da14681 development kit basic board and i have programmed PXP_Reporter demo code into board. when i connect UART RX pin (P2_3) to TX pin of USB2Serial Module, the BLE part of the code crashes in 8 seconds after the reset. i disabled the sleep mode with this code (pm_set_sleep_mode(pm_mode_active);) and also disconnected the j13 jumpers but there was no any changes. do you know what is the problem?
thanks ...


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