RetRAM0 overflow

Fri, 2020-04-03 18:06 -- Dieter Falk


I am using the DA14683 device on the eval-board with the actual SDK and tools.

It seem that I have a problem with the memory layout, that the compiler tells me to run out of memory, when requiring more then 32 KByte RAM. The following will be show:
App.elf section `RETENTION_RAM0' will not fit in region `RetRAM0'
RetRAM0' overflowed by 32 bytes

The following is my actual configuration (from custom_config_qspi.h)

BLE application from RAM

Mon, 2017-02-13 10:50 -- edwardwhite

Is it possible to create a BLE application that can be debugged with just the RAM?
The QSPI flash on our dev board has broken and we need to keep working on the firmware. All of the example projects only have QSPI build options, but I can't see a reason for this except for the sleep mode (which can be changed to always active)

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