BLE evaluation kit

Tue, 2017-11-28 03:08 -- Abdul algh

I want to buy your BLE evaluation kit, but would like to make sure I can use it for my custom application first. I want to use the kit to transmit non-connectable advertisement packets. I want to have control on the timing gap between packets at a given advertising event. Is that possible with your BLE stack ? My goal is to go as low as 50usec beween packets in one event.

Continue ADC sampling in the background, for BLE application

Wed, 2017-02-22 05:55 -- jamesleo-konka

Hi Dialog,
Is it possible to implement continue ADC sampling in the background?
For example, in DMA mode at BLE mode.
I'm not sure whether the OS_TIMER is precision to do the us/ms level sampling.
For a long period sampling, we can use the software timer - if no precision is required.
Does the HW ADC be blocked when system get into sleep for BLE application?

Is there a sample code for this ADC mode?


BLE, how to add user data?

Mon, 2017-02-06 13:05 -- jamesleo-konka

Hi, Dialog
For BLE specification, how does the user add his data in BLE protocol?
Is there any manual for operating step by step? which project is the best start point? ble_adv, pxp_reporter, peripheral_demo?
1. how to define a new GAP, GATT....?
2. what data type does BLE support?
3. how to create a new task to gather data and send by BLE?
4. how to arrange interrupt if the sensor's data had to be got by timer/bus interrupt?

Where can I get the sample code of IOT sensor kit ? The SDK 1.0.8 might be something lost.

BLE mode, adding I2C sensor

Fri, 2017-02-03 15:00 -- jamesleo-konka

Hi, Dialog
I checked the peripherals demo project (..\DA1468x_SDK_BTLE_v_1.0.8.1050.1\projects\dk_apps\demos\peripherals_demo) and found that this is not a 'BLE' project - no RF trans/receive.
I know that the peripheral device with I2C or UART or SPI will cost more power, but usually you need to add a sensor with analog/digital interface.
Is there a good sample for that? in BLE mode and have the external sensor ? and the programming manual?

BLE advertising Frame with unexpected bits

Wed, 2016-11-23 19:03 -- Nomnom_dialog

Hi all,

I've demodulated an advertisement frame from a DA14580 device using the rohde and schwarz CBT BLE tester. However, I'm having trouble understanding the frame structure. I've attached a picture (in pdf) showing part of the demodulated frame.

Why are there extra bits before the 1 byte preamble?
Is a carrier tone (indicated by arrow) absolutely necessary before the actual frame?

P.S. I was able to detect the DA14580 device just fine on a BLE sniffer. So, it's working fine.

Thank you all,

DA14680 FCC Scripting

Thu, 2016-09-29 03:12 -- PiMios

I am scheduled for FCC testing on a chip down design with the DA14680 SoC. I had planned on putting the device in Direct Test Mode and use HCI commands to exercise the radio for the lab. It turns out that their Bluetooth Tester does not support Direct Test Mode for BLE. I need to perform the following functions within the script:

1) Ability to select the operating frequency channels (Low/Mid/High)

2) Ability to control the output power (maximum)

Failing to Detect on LE Scan

Wed, 2016-08-24 18:24 -- Dylan Holmes

Hey, I have a hardware unit which uses the DA14580 in PAN1740 Bluetooth module.

And I am trying to connect to it via a custom Android application I made.

Everything works fine when I am in my office or at home (low population areas).
However, if I go to a location with high population, such as an airport or big hotel my Android application with fail to find my hardware, it will just receive a NULL device when scanning.

Does anyone here know what exactly may be causing this (interference, improper software side handling, etc)?



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