Concurrent operation of Central and Peripheral mode

Thu, 2020-11-26 07:25 -- Thieny


I am using the DA14531MOD module on an IoT-device and want to connect to BT sensors with the module as master/central and "simultaneously" connect a smartphone to the module which can control the IoT device with the module as slave/peripheral. When the IoT device connects to the sensors to achieve their data, the user should not get a disconnect notification in the app on its smartphone. 

Is it possible to set up this configuration with CodeLess? And how can I do this?
How many connections at one time are possible with the DA14531MOD in central role?

JTAG/SWD Connection

Wed, 2020-11-25 10:14 -- Thieny


I want to flash the CodeLess image on a DA14531MOD module mounted on a custom pcb.
To do so I tried to connect to the module via JTAG/SWD using the SmartSnippet Toolbox (V5.0.14).

I connected the VBAT, GND, SWDIO (J9/P0_10) and SWCLK (J10/P0_2) pins to my Segger J-Link debug probe and the moudle is powered up. The debug probe is connected via USB to the PC. Drivers are installed.

Codeless I2C does not work properly on DA14531 TINY module

Wed, 2020-08-26 20:13 -- Sergei Bezroukov

Hi there,

I use DA14531 TINY module with Codeless SDK 6.380.10.4 and factory compiled codeless_531_standalone_set_two.hex image along with TI's HDC1000 sensor. Problems occur when I read or write to sensor registers.

By reading a register, the commands are as follows (see attached console session):





CodeLess Compile Error

Wed, 2020-07-22 10:42 -- MrWeng

I am using DA145xx_CODELESS_6.380.10.4. When I add a code "user_cmd_interpreter("AT+BINREQACK\r\n",sizeof("AT +BINREQACK\r\n"),CMD_SRC_REMOTE);", when I was compiling, the following error message was generated:

.\out_531\codeless_531_datapump.axf: Error: L6221E: Execution region ZI_DATA with Execution range [0x07fc91d0,0x07fc9768) overlaps with Execution region RET_HEAP with Execution range [0x07fc9730,0x07fca600).

Please help me to solve this problem.Thanks a lot


Custom Message on BLE UART

Tue, 2020-02-18 14:24 -- evilemi


We are developing a specific application that contains the DA14580 based  BLE module.

Our custom board has its own MCU and the DA14580 BLE module is connected to the MCU via the UART channel.

So, we used CodeLess firmware on the BLE module in order to up the BLE running.

Basically, we are able to send CodeLess AT  commands and receive a response from the BLE module.

However, we would like to receive a custom message (might be also a character) on the MCU UART channel on each BLE connection/disconnection state. 


Tue, 2019-11-19 00:09 -- ant777222

I am making some changes to the CodeLess code to fit the application that I need. I have added a read notify characteristic that I would like to use to monitor when the input of one of the GPIO pins goes high and when it goes back to low. I want to use an IRQ to do this but I am not too sure where the best place to add the IRQ in the CodeLess code is. Where would the best place to add this IRQ be?



Stop advertising after failed pin for certain amount of time

Fri, 2019-10-18 14:30 -- ant777222

I have been working with the codeless AT command code for the DA14580. I have made some changes to fit the application that I need. I was wondering if there is a way to keep track of failed connections if a wrong pin is entered. For example, I would like to implement a scenario where if a pin was entered wrong 5 times, I would like to stop advertising for 5 minutes. I would like to add this as an added security feature. Is this possible to do and how would I keep track of failed connecions if it is?



custom GATT services/characteristics with CodeLess

Sat, 2017-12-30 14:51 -- veranith


looking at current (beta) status if the CodeLessAT Command Solution, there doesn't seem to be a possibility to either :
- as a CENTRAL / GATT client, to discover GATT serv/chars and then query the PERIPHERAL / GATT server to READ, WRITE, subscribe to NOTIFYs, etc.
- as a PERIPHERAL / GATT server, to define a set of services and characteristics.

Is there something planned in this direction ?

Many thanks



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