Advertising iBeacon packet

Fri, 2018-03-16 07:19 -- stanley_yeh

Hi Dialog,
I use DA14585 with SDK 6.0.6.
I have implemented advertising BLE connectable advertisement and iBeacon packet alternatively by the "app_easy_gap_update_adv_data" function.
Now, the device can be connected and also can advertise the iBeacon format.
However, If I want the device still advertise iBeacon packet even the device is connected with a mobile phone, is it possible?
How can I do that? Could you give me some advice?

Advertising data

Thu, 2018-03-01 12:05 -- stanley_yeh

Hi there,
Our customer wants to change advertising data by mobile phone, so I add a function to receive data from mobile.
I use the function - "app_easy_gap_update_adv_data" to set adv data, however, if the data from mobile is wrong, I found DA14585 will hang up and be reset by watch dog.
For example, if mobile send "FF FF FF FF FF" and I set the data to "app_easy_gap_update_adv_data", DA14585 will hang up and be reset.
How can I prevent this status? write a parser to confirm the data? Does there any rules or formats for advertising data?

Automating the BLE server to send the data to BLE central

Mon, 2018-01-29 10:23 -- vishnuatdialog

Hello Dialog,
We have integrated the IMU sensor with DA14585 over I2C it was successful. After that, we have created new characteristics for the IMU sensor (ACC, GYRO, Temp) and able to read all the sensor characteristics values on nRF connect app by sending trigger using control point characteristic(0x01). For developing this application we have used the ble_peripherial example.

Soldering recommendations for WLCSP34 package

Wed, 2017-11-22 21:25 -- erichn

Is there a recommended wave soldering temperature profile for the WLCSP34 package for DA14585? I did not see this in the datasheet. In particular, I would like to know if there is a maximum temperature it can tolerate during soldering in an oven, and what the recommended temperature during the reflow stage is.


Hardfault in BLE barebone app with custom board

Tue, 2017-10-24 21:30 -- erichn

I am trying to run the BLE barebone application from the SDK example projects on a custom 585 board. I have run it successfully on the 585 daughter board with the Pro dev kit, and I'm now connecting my custom board to the dev kit. The DA14585 is correctly recognized by the J-link interface, and SmartSnippets can detect it as the correct device. Every time I start a debug session and run the code, it breaks in the hard fault handler. I've stepped through the code, and the fault seems to be happening during the system_init() call, specifically inside arch_rom_init() on this line:

BLE Example Pillar 4 (Security) does NOT work

Wed, 2017-08-02 08:55 -- advanchip@pacbe...

I am using DA14585-00ATDEVKT-P Development Kit - Pro with DA14585_SDK and Keil uVersion V5.23.0.0.

I am following the UM-B-080_DA14585_586_SDK_6_Software_Developer's_Guide_3v0.pdf to check out the examples without any codes modification. Now I am at 8.5 Pillar 4 (Security) which I didn't see the device name "Dialog-Security" show-up in my iOS LightBlue app. (Attached is the screen shot of the errors). All the previous examples are working successfully.

DA14585 connects to multiple tablets and vice versa

Tue, 2017-08-01 08:50 -- advanchip@pacbe...


I am using DA14585-00ATDEVKT-P Development Kit - Pro with DA14585_SDK and Keil uVersion V5.23.0.0.

I understood that a device can act as a central and a peripheral at the same time. A central device can be connected to multiple peripherals as well as a peripheral device can be connected to multiple centrals. I would like to connect DA14585 to multiple tablets and vice versa. Do you have any example code to demonstrate these features? Do any SDK functions cover these functions?


Can I use the SDK for DA14580?

Fri, 2017-04-28 03:11 -- stanley_yeh

Our board will be designed as a co-layout board.
We can't make a decision now on which chip we will use, maybe DA14581 or DA14585.
Thus, I am worry about which SDK is more suitable for out project.
If I choose SDK 6.0.3, is it possible to run the sample code both on DA14581 and DA14585? How?
Is there a definition such as "#define LET_THE_CODE_FOR_DA14581" and I can switch the code is for DA14581 or DA14585 by editing the definition?
Thank you.


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