custom da14586 board programming

Tue, 2020-06-23 21:19 -- uprozarif


I wanna program custom da14586 board by da14531 dk pro. Do you have any documents hardware and software configuration for it ? 

1) I also have dk14585 dk pro, which one do u prefer ? 

2) can u tell me how to program it with smartsnippet ?

3) which pins are required for connection ?

If you dont have a document, i will appreciate if you answer the questions.





Beacon mode of DA14586

Tue, 2019-08-13 21:51 -- karanshah28

Dear PM_Dialog,

I am developing one connectable beacon mode based demo using DA14586 micro controller. I have Dialog Pro kit and DA14586 module for development.

I have downloaded SDK for DA14586 device. I am able to compile ble_all_in_one project code and able to flash it as debug mode using Keil and also able to discover DIALOG-ALL-IN device in BLE_SCANNER application.

SmartSnippets Toolbox SPI Flash Programming failed

Thu, 2019-02-28 14:58 -- azimin

Hello, I'm trying to burn internal flash memory over JTAG. But get an error:
[ERROR SPI Flash @19-02-28 17:51:23] Adddittional error info at JTAG address 0x7FC7C0C. (MSB first): FF FF FF F8.
[ERROR SPI Flash @19-02-28 17:51:23] Memory burning failed.

I have tried two configurations:
SPI_EN: P2_3
SPI_DI: P2_4
SPI_DO: P2_9
SPI_EN: P2_3
SPI_DI: P2_9
SPI_DO: P2_4

Simple BLE project: advice needed

Mon, 2019-01-28 22:31 -- mkkn

Hi there,

I'm an electrical engineering student looking to make a simple home project to get my head around PCB design, Altium, soldering etc. and I'm in need of some advice.

I want to build a system centred on (I think) one of the smart bond chips, a button, a coin battery, and a connection to my phone.

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