Does DA14681 dev kit basic support BAT charging?

Mon, 2017-02-06 14:55 -- jamesleo-konka

Hi, Dialog,
I have a DA14681 dev kit -Basic.
I know that the DA14681 has a function of Battery Charging. But the manual of dev kit says 'Battery Charging not support' , why?
What should I do If connect a chargable battery on the board?

Best Regards


DA14681-01A9, virtual Com port not found

Fri, 2017-01-27 16:02 -- jamesleo-konka

My dev board is DA14681-01A9.
I check the manual UM-B-047, 056, 066 to resovle the debug problem.
After build, there is a step to flash to target device -- by use of program_QSPI script. The console ask me to enter product_ID and virtual COM port.
But I can't find the virtual COM port in my computer (Windows 8.1 64 bit).
I remember the PC prompt me the JLink's driver is 32bit .... I ignored it.
What's wrong? How to check if the necessary driver has been installed corectly?


Sun, 2016-11-27 04:02 -- index219

我使用的是官方购买的basic开发板,利用官方集成开发环境SmartSnippets Studio下载代码到开发板,代码可以正常运行。
问题是我使用SmartSnippets Studio里面的下载工具SmartSnippets Toolbox下载hex文件到开发板时,
请问:使用SmartSnippets toolbox下载hex到开发板,代码无法运行的问题在哪里?

14681 Advertising Application

Wed, 2016-11-02 23:43 -- zargari

Hi There,

I have a simple question about running the provided "BLE advertising application" on the DA 16481 Pro-development kit. I am basically following the procedure described on page 41 (Section 7.5.1) of the DA 1648x Software Platform Reference (UM-B-044, attached here). While I can located all the codes and scripts I am not sure what the following line in the 2nd paragraph of page 43 refers to: "running this project using the same procedures described in previous sections ...".


Thu, 2016-09-22 03:19 -- index219

你好,我在Mouser代理买了一块开发板:DA14681 Development Kit - Basic,
我在使用编译器SmartSnippets Studio加载freertos_retarget工程后,
1.X:\DA1468x_SDK_BTLE_v_1.0.6.968\utilities\scripts\qspi\prepare_local_ini_file.vbs(13, 1) WshShell.RegRead: 无法打开注册键值 "HKCU\Software\SEGGER\J-Link\InstallPath" 进行读取。
2.Failed to bind to socket
cannot open gdb interface

DA1468x Vcharge < 3V

Thu, 2016-09-08 17:20 -- kriede


we want to use the Murata UMAC Lithium ion battery as the primary power source. It has a charge voltage of 2.7V with a capacity of 3mAh, more than enough for our case.

According to the data sheet of DA1468x, unfortunately the charge voltage of the built-in Constant Current/Constant Voltage charger can only be set down to a minimum of 3V.
Is there any other option to charge this battery type with the built-in charger? Maybe with a few additional components (not talking about a seperate charger IC)?

Thank you for any hint


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