Sleep Modes

Sat, 2021-01-16 14:37 -- Subramanyan


I am using DA14695 Dev Kit and WiRa SDK 10.440.8.6 using FreeRTOS.

I am implementing a solution to put device to sleep when there is no activitity and have the following questions.

1. Does the call "pm_sleep_mode_set(pm_mode_extended_sleep);" suspend the FreeRTOS tasks ?

2. If we need to reduce the power consumption during sleep, is there a FreeRTOS function that will put the Dialog in the correct sleep mode, suspend the tasks, stop the Bluetooth acitivity, etc ?

DA1469x: How to enable continuous wave (CW) output for production

Thu, 2020-07-30 09:52 -- tobias_r


we're using DA14695 with SDK WiRa_10.440.8.6 and want to measure the RF power during production.
We want to output an unmodulated continuous wave (CW) on a selectable channel.

How can we enable the output of such a CW signal?

Thanks in advance.

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