Not authorized to access videos and unable to download SDK

Thu, 2016-12-08 14:16 -- ralf

Hi there,

Today we received the DA14681 Development Kit - Pro and the DA14681 HomeKit Development Kit.

However, when we try to access the Videos section [1] we get a "not authorized" error. Trying to download the SDK [2] are asked to accept the license agreement, however, the web page does not have any checkbox at all.

Please help as we do have to kick off our evaluation.


How to update HomeKit board?

Wed, 2016-12-07 00:41 -- ralf

Hi there,

We're using the DA14580 development board along with the HomeKit and BLE daughter boards. HomeKit on iOS successfully discovers the board but then provides a hint that the software on the Dialog boards needs to be updated.

How do we do this?

Sorry if this sounds somewhat like a newbie question but we've so far worked with a different vendor.

Thanks in advance,

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