Codeless I2C does not work properly on DA14531 TINY module

Wed, 2020-08-26 20:13 -- Sergei Bezroukov

Hi there,

I use DA14531 TINY module with Codeless SDK 6.380.10.4 and factory compiled codeless_531_standalone_set_two.hex image along with TI's HDC1000 sensor. Problems occur when I read or write to sensor registers.

By reading a register, the commands are as follows (see attached console session):





SLG46824 vs. SLG46826 EEprom

Mon, 2020-02-24 16:13 -- mon2

Hello. We are planning to use either the SLG46824 or SLG46826 device in some new products and really welcome the multi-time programming over I2C of these components - simply due to lower risk vs. use of OTP.

We have built up the IP over this last weekend and the simulation is showing promise to be correct. Will test against the true hardware this week on your kits.

A few questions on this component and sourcing:

DA14850 communicating with Si705 temperature sensor.

Thu, 2019-09-19 13:29 -- kaptajnen

Hi, I'm trying to read the temperature from Si705. I have connectiong to the sensor, as I have tested it, when I read the firmware-version using the measurement-process described in this pdf (https://www.silabs.com/documents/public/data-sheets/Si7050-1-3-4-5-A20.pdf) page 16. However, when I try to read the temperature, my output ends up being 0, 0. As of now my code is this:

        uint8_t cmd;

        uint8_t data[2];

        uint16_t degrees;

        cmd = Temp_H;

i2c current draw with external pull-ups

Wed, 2019-05-22 18:13 -- vmore


I have two devices on my I2C bus (eeprom and another device) and I have external pull ups attached on the bus - scl, sda (4.7k). Post addition of the external pull-ups I observe a bump in current consumption - about 500uA continuous  consumption(also when chip sleeps). This goes away once the external pull-ups are removed. A potential reason might be that the i2c lines are not being deactivated.

My code for initializing i2c is like this:

how to configure two I2C devices using the driver from the SDK

Sun, 2019-04-28 10:56 -- lisir

we now use two I2C devices in our DA14583 project, the devices have different slave address, so i don`t know how to use the I2C dirver from the SDK to configure my devices,like how to use the function 'i2c_eeprom_init()' to initilize the I2C interface. And i also want to know the two devices can use the same IOs(SDA,SCL in the two devices tied with just two IOs) or they can use different IOs(SDA,SCL in the two devices tied with four IOs).


Wed, 2019-01-23 07:10 -- Linchaoran

1、pxp例子里关于充电电池配置文件custom_socf_battery_profile.h文件内的vol_chg_0_0 = 3067; //120mA charging,这个值是怎么算出来的,有公式吗,看了UM-B-075_DA1468x_State_of_Charge_Functionality_v1.2_0.pdf文档,需要一个硬件设备连接后才能使用,目前没有这个设备;
3、vol_dis_low_0和vol_dis_high_0 必须通过UM-B-075这个文档中应用程序测出吗,有其它方式吗?

I2C adapter async write: pending transactions issue

Wed, 2018-02-28 14:38 -- rajames

I am using the i2c adapters (in master mode) for doing asynchronous writes or reads that waits FOREVER for an OS_EVENT to be signalled from the callback.
However instead of waiting FOREVER I want to be able to set a timeout value so that it doesn't get stuck if say there's no device on the bus.


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