Thu, 2015-09-10 22:18 -- Krutarth

Hi Dialog,
Is there a way possible to read 16 bits via I2C between a single start and stop condition? In your current SDK I2C drivers one does not have any control over when a start and stop condition is issued. I have a sensor sending 16 bits of data but i can only receive 8 bits since da14580 issues a stop condition on the I2C bus before all the 16 bits are transferred.

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I2C in Beacon Reference Design

Thu, 2015-08-20 00:08 -- Krutarth

I want to use a Sensor with I2C interface along with the beacon. I am working with Beacon reference design as my starting point. Although whenever i try to configure pins for i2c bus the beacon stops advertising for unknown reasons. The only change that i have made in the Beacon Reference design is in the periph_setup.c in the function set_pad where peripheral pins are assigned for beacon reference design. The changes made are:
//Code Snippet start
void set_pad_functions(void) // set gpio port function mode


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