Flashing Murata ZY Module

Thu, 2017-12-28 12:16 -- Vivek


I just purchased Murata ZY Module and have UART lines, Vcc, Ground lines pulled out from it.
I am trying to flash the device using smart snippets through UART lines P02,P03 and also P04,P05.
But it is not working.
Is there any bootloader code or startup code that needs to be flashed on to the module before I can use smart snippets?

My main objective is it not use OTP for firmware and use external processor and serial bootloading.

OTP External Board With Basic Development Kit

Fri, 2015-10-16 01:03 -- Cannonball2134

Hello Everyone,

I have a DA14580 basic development kit and would like to do OTP over UART on a custom external Murata board (which uses the DA14580). My understanding is that the DA14580 on the development board can be isolated from the rest of the board by removing the (J4) pin jumpers. If I then do the following steps (Below), should OTP work without effecting the development board DA14580? Or are there other things I need to take into consideration?


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