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PCB Antenna for Tags

Mon, 2020-06-22 07:04 -- sr9213

Dear Dialog Team,

We are trying to leverage the antenna used in the DA14580_RD_WLCSP_SMTAG2_vC design for our Tags based on DA14585, but we have few queries:

1) Why is there a trace at the bottom layer of the antenna too and why are there vias connecting the top and bottom traces of the antenna? Don't PCB antennas have a trace on a single layer?

2) Can we remove the bottom trace of the antenna? Will it affect the antenna performance if we do so?

ProximityTag - RefDes - Double-sided antenna

Tue, 2015-04-07 09:35 -- oleh.lozynskyy@...

Dear Team

could you please share some details on the PCB Antenna trace used in the proximity tag? What is the gain by having the trace antenna on both sides? In many application notes there is usually a note to avoid the trace under the antenna area.

Is there a measurement report for this ref-design available like before/after?

Thank you

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