Quadrature Decoder

quadrature decoder interrupts not working properly

Sun, 2021-02-28 21:11 -- 1user

I connected a rotary encoder to the dev kit pro and tested it with the quadrature_decoder example. In polling mode it does work perfectly and the X value changes every "click" of the rotary encoder. The ISR reports on the other hand are very irregular and usually show up every 3-5 "clicks" of the rotary encoder.

Do you have an idea what the issue could be?

Quadrature Decoder as pulse counter?

Sat, 2017-06-17 17:11 -- Max44

Hello Dialog Support,

I have an application that needs to implement a pulse counter on an input from a sensor. I saw that the question of possibly using the quadrature decoder for this came up in the forum a while ago but it wasn't answered. Could the quadrature decoder be used to count low frequency pulses? The plan would be to poll periodically to calculate event rates reported by the sensor.

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