BLE modules for building applications

Thu, 2021-01-28 14:17 -- PHYSEE

I am working in a project to create a mesh wireless sensor network(WSN). I am very interested in doing so using mesh BLE devices. However, this topic is completely new for me and I have faced some challenges to fully determine the performance of BLE in a similar application to mine. Thus, I would like to ask some technical questions hoping to get better understanding for my project.

DA14585 Configuring BLE_DIAGCNTL_REG to output extrc_rxen to gpio

Tue, 2018-08-14 23:48 -- robwasab

I've looked at the range extender 2 driver code, which uses the SKY6111 as an external PA and wish to do the following:
- Output the extrc_txen BLE diagnostic signal to P1_0.
- Output the extrc_rxen BLE diagnostic signal to P1_1.

The reason why the range extender code is not satisfactory to me is because it is hardcoded to use P0_1 and P0_2 and in order to implement the extrc_rxen signal, it inverts the extrc_txen signal. This is the code I'm running in periph_init() (runs everytime the radio wakes up).

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