Simple BLE project: advice needed

Mon, 2019-01-28 22:31 -- mkkn

Hi there,

I'm an electrical engineering student looking to make a simple home project to get my head around PCB design, Altium, soldering etc. and I'm in need of some advice.

I want to build a system centred on (I think) one of the smart bond chips, a button, a coin battery, and a connection to my phone.

Simple project

Fri, 2015-03-20 10:23 -- aeris


I work on a medical research project with simple functionality.
We use PAN1740 USB stick and need to use bluetooth simple as possible like simple UART, with SUOTA (can't find source for it), ADC and GPIO and optionally UART console for debugging.
The SDK's project are too complex with many file, app and profile, I can't do nothing with this.
We need a really low power system, not one do big compute for big data.

I can't find a, no mutltitask, no multiprofile, no multibuffer, simple sample that only send simple data over bluetooth.


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