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RST pin cold/warm boot

Dear support,

due to experiences in the past, we've seen that a warm boot (like done via software or watchdog) isn't the same as a cold boot (where the complete IC is briefly made powerless). The DA14580 has an external RST pin to provide some sort of reboot, it however isn't clear from the documentation if this a warm or a cold boot.

Could you provide more information about the RST pin and the internal behavior of that? Does that pin give us the same behavior as interrupting the VCC?

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Hello Paul, the HW reset pin

Hello Paul, the HW reset pin will essentially provide you a full cold boot ... i've provided a summary below.

BR JE_Dialog

There are two main reset signals in the DA14580, both active high. The HW reset which is basically triggered by the RST pad and the SW reset which is triggered by

writting the SYS_CTRL_REG[SW_RESET] bit.

The HW reset can also be automatically activated upon waking up of the system from an Extended Sleep or Deep Sleep mode by programming bit PMU_CTRL_REG[RESET_ON_WAKEUP]. The HW

reset will basically run the cold start-up sequence andbthe BootROM code will be executed.

The SW reset is the logical OR of a signal from the ARM CPU (triggered by writing SCB->AIRCR = 0x05FA0004) and the SYS_CTRL_REG[SW_RESET]

bit. This is mainly used to reboot the system after the base address has been remapped.