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SPI Flash Programmer

When the flash is empty, it can erase successfully.
there is code in flash, it erase successfully. However, the information in the LOG indicate success. What is more, the "Memory Contents" is not all "0xff".

[INFO @15-09-21 17:58:49] Firmware File C:\Users\lzq\SmartSnippets\resources\jtag_programmer.bin has been selected
[INFO @15-09-21 17:58:50] Successfully downloaded firmware file to the board.
[INFO @15-09-21 17:58:57] SPI Memory erasing completed successfully.
[INFO @15-09-21 17:58:57] Reading memory to refresh memory contents....
[INFO @15-09-21 17:58:57] Reading has finished. Read 32768 bytes.

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Hi awesley,

Hi awesley,

I am not sure if i undestand your problem, when your flash is empty smart snippets can erase it succesfully but when there is code, although the tool indicates that the flash is erased you can still see data in the memory contents window ? I assume that you are using the Jtag connection for Smart Snippets.

Thanks MT_dialog