why device stop adv self

Mon, 2020-07-20 12:52 -- moiify

i  set the adv adv parameter :

user_default_hnd_conf.adv_scenario = DEF_ADV_FOREVER

and start the adv.  In most time,it works right。But When I turned on a lot of devices and keep the device working continuously, I found that it sometimes would stop broadcasting itself。i have add the protect code,but the the device will still stop adv and cannot be restored.


Mon, 2020-07-20 10:50 -- 孙梦君

hi 你好


     我在广播中添加了串口接收uart_receive()函数进行接收,如果时刻保持有数据接收,程序可以正常运行,但是当串口没有数据时程序出现MOVS r0 r0 的错误,我该怎么避免

Raspberry Connection with DA14585 IoT

Sun, 2020-07-19 12:08 -- Luis_magadan

Hi, I am using a Raspberry as a Gateway to communicate with a SmartBond DA14585 IoT multisensor module. The workflow that I do is this, connecting to the sensor, enabling sensors, reading data, disabling sensors, disconnecting from the sensor and finally sleeping the Gateway script 1 minute. After sleeping I reconnect to the multisensor module and repeat the same process. This works fine seven times. The eigth time I repeat this process it crashes and the SmartBond DA14585 IoT Multisensor stops working and needs to reset for start working fine again.

Error while comunicating with sensor via python

Fri, 2020-07-17 18:02 -- UO251410


I'm comunicating a RPi 4(as gateway) and a da14585 to send env dato to cloud. For that I use a python script. Everythings works properly, but sometimes while doing the

d = Dialog(MAC_ADDRESS), the sensor "blocks" and is imposible to connect to it. If I power off and then power on the sensor, the script continues working. 

Any idea of what can be happening?

The fw of the sensor is de iot585 with the option always advertise enable.


How much code size is reserved for application code?

Fri, 2020-07-17 02:55 -- hoho

DA14585 as BLE slave, what' s the minimum code size consumed after run a minimum BLE example? For example based on Proximity Reporter, 25KB? Right?
1. If application code size is smaller than 64KB, the whole application code can be programmed to OTP during mass production.
2. Otherwise, it must add a external Flash to program code(64K-96K).
3. Besides, the total application code size must be smaller than 96K, because it's RAM size. Otherwise, code can't be loaded to run in RAM. Right?

DA14585 Flash Memory

Thu, 2020-07-16 15:44 -- Luis_magadan

Hello, I am using a DA14585 microcontroller and I have one doubt, how much Flash Memory has DA14585 used in DA14585 Iot MultiSensor? 

I was looking at many information and it says that DA14585 has not Flash Memory but when I burnt new Firmware in the flash memory it starts working correctly. So, my question is, does the da14585 has Flash Programmable memory? If the answer is no, where is the firmware stored?



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