Mon, 2021-01-25 09:54 -- yekun
  • Hello, I encountered two problems when using Suota to upgrade:

1. I used DA14585 development board to test SUOTA, and used external FLASH to upgrade. If the upgrade is successful, I need to press the reset button to upgrade successfully.

Can I use external FLASH to upgrade without pressing reset?

2: When using SUOTA to upgrade, there is Bank1 \ Bank2 \ Bank3 storage block, what is the difference? I have tried to upgrade three of them successfully.

Footprint for device DA14585-00000VV2

Fri, 2021-01-08 20:55 -- Francisco Ramos

Hello, I'm looking for your support on getting the recommended footprint for the component DA14585-00000VV2.

I'm interested in knowing your recommendations for such small design BGA packages: Do you recommend Soldermask defined pads or  Non-Solder Mask defined Pads, size of the copper pad, size of the mask aperture, routing traces recommendations, etc.

I found the footprint in the SnapEDA site, but it is dowloadable in several ecad formats  that I have not access to.

what will happen? when I press the reset button under SW environment mode

Fri, 2021-01-08 11:27 -- jame0769

I am a new programer to "PAN1740A bluetooth module",  core of  PAN1740A is a DA14585 mcu chip.

On the data sheet, it's said this mcu have 3 mode."normal OTP" mode was very easy to understand, what confuses me was "Development" mode.


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