UART issue on Development Kit Pro with CodeLess

Thu, 2020-12-31 08:30 -- JerremyHamston

Hello Dialog,

I'm trying to use the Development Kit Pro (DA14585) with CodeLess firmware. However, I'm facing unexpected UART issue like attached screenshots.

It seems CodeLess firmware is working perfectly as I can control DA14585 from SmartConsole. But I can't control it from a local PC. I put some commands but ack is something wrong. Of course, I changed UART Baud Rate, USB cable, PC & Terminal software many times but It was meaningless. 

Could you help me to make it work to use CodeLess command from the local PC?

Thank you.


Tue, 2020-12-29 07:15 -- special

I am using the PLT(DA1458x/DA1468x Production Line Tool) to burn my DA14585 devices.

The PLT version is v_4.3.0.310.

At first several days, I supply 5.25v to the "VDD 5V", and 3.3v to "VDDIO" and "VBAT" of the PLT board. 

Jumper J42 on the PLT board is mounted. (At first I did not know that if program DA14585, this jumper should be removed).

Everything went well for some days, and I have programed several hundreds of my DA14585 device.


But in these days, I try to program, the PLT stopped at "Code 271 OTP IMAGE WRITE FAILED".

DA14585 BLE peripheral with Beacon mode

Tue, 2020-12-15 13:09 -- koukou

Dear Dialog support team,

We are working on the DA14585/DA14586-DA14531 Multiperipheral Example project and we need to configure the DA14585 in beacon mode (because we need to inform the nearby mobile phones of BLE device proximity) and we also need to configure it in peripheral mode (for central devices can connect to DA14585). So would it be possible for DA14585 to act simultaneously as beacon and peripheral or alternate between beacon mode and peripheral mode with software control?


Disconnect reason

Tue, 2020-12-15 01:38 -- zhangx

I define the function:
    .app_on_disconnect              = user_on_disconnect,

and in user_on disconnect print the disconnect's reason. 

void user_on_disconnect( struct gapc_disconnect_ind const *param )
    arch_printf("Device disconnected, reason %x\r\n", param->reason);

find it print a lot of 0x1f whether As GAP_ROLE_PERIPHERAL perform app_easy_gap_disconnect(0) or  in transform data . In error.h  it's CO_ERROR_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR. 

Doubts Regarding Bluetooth SIG Certification

Mon, 2020-12-14 06:10 -- MarkDsylva_2277

Dear Dialog Team,


We are working with DA14585 IC in our product with custom PCB and dialog semidconductor's recommended antenna design. We have taken up your ble_app_sleepmode code and did some changes (listed below) to it. 


Changes made.

1) Reading data on wakeup from sleep with a GPIO

2) Placing the data in the existing advertising string.


missing initialization of app_env[0].conidx to GAP_INVALID_CONIDX

Wed, 2020-12-09 09:46 -- ciano

Dear Dialog


We have noticed, that app_env[0].conidx is zero before the first BLE disconnect.

In gapc_disconnect_ind_handler it is set to GAP_INVALID_CONIDX.

The issue is that app_env[0].conidx is zero on code startup, which is a valid connection, but there is no connection.

Question: Should app_env[0].conidx be initialized to GAP_INVALID_CONIDX on code startup?, if 'yes' is this something we could do manually(which we are doing now) and is it "missing" from the SDK?


Best Regards,

Ciano Frost.



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