32KHz vs internal 10KHz clk

Fri, 2020-11-20 08:54 -- epoulsen


For the low power mode in the 14585 chip ther is two options using an external 32 KHz or use the internal generated 10 KHz. In our design the 14585 run in BUCK mode and use Lithium coin cells as supply.

So in this setup do I gain anything with adding a 32KHz crystal instead of using the internal generated 10KHz?

Br Erik

DA14585 BLE peripheral with Beacon support

Tue, 2020-11-10 17:54 -- hboughzala

Dear Dialog support team,

We have the need to notify nearby mobile phones of BLE device proximity while a dedicated app may be in background or killed, and thus we opted for Beacon mode. The immediate action when the application wakes is to connect to the DA14585 which should act then as a peripheral.

Would it be possible for DA14585 to :

- Act as a beacon and a peripheral simultaneously ?

- Alternate beacon and peripheral modes with a software control ?



How to run DSPS in Snippets Studio

Tue, 2020-11-10 08:56 -- euiseok

I am not good at developing dialog firmware, but I need to develop without external mcu.
I'm trying to move DSPS from keil to snippets.
By the way, the version of SDK included in da14585 DSPS (v6.150.4.50) is v6.0.11.933. 
I cannot download this SDK separately or get any information.


  • 1. Are there any plans to offer DSPS using Snippets Studio in the near future?
  • 2. What should I pay attention to when porting DSPS (using SDK to Snippets Studio?

In Peripheral Mode handle GATT Errors

Thu, 2020-11-05 13:43 -- ltdev

Hi we worked to DA14585 with peripheral mode. We use ble_app_peripheral_example in SDK. In the example we deleted service-2, service-3 and excluded DISS. We habe only 1 service and  1 characterictic with PERM(WR, ENABLE) | PERM(WRITE_REQ, ENABLE). 

Our service definition like that

const struct attm_desc_128 custs1_att_db[CUSTS1_IDX_NB] =
     * Service 1 configuration


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