Hardfault in BLE barebone app with custom board

Tue, 2017-10-24 21:30 -- erichn

I am trying to run the BLE barebone application from the SDK example projects on a custom 585 board. I have run it successfully on the 585 daughter board with the Pro dev kit, and I'm now connecting my custom board to the dev kit. The DA14585 is correctly recognized by the J-link interface, and SmartSnippets can detect it as the correct device. Every time I start a debug session and run the code, it breaks in the hard fault handler. I've stepped through the code, and the fault seems to be happening during the system_init() call, specifically inside arch_rom_init() on this line:

custom profile possible bug

Thu, 2017-10-19 15:34 -- ilnur_muham

I'm using custom profiles.

My device should send some data using indications.

First question, what is correct method to send indication on custom profiles? Should I use CUSTS2_VAL_NTF_REQ(with notification = false in custs_val_ntf_ind_req parameter structure) or CUSTS2_VAL_IND_REQ message?

If I use CUSTS2_VAL_IND_REQ I cannot send indications at all because when request is handled attmdb_get_value(cfg_hdl, &length, &cfg_val) return ATT_ERR_REQUEST_NOT_SUPPORTED = 0x06, but where is even no check for returned value.


Mon, 2017-10-16 04:53 -- zhouchen

hi dialog:
// Mandatory HCI root table setup
memcpy(hci_cmd_desc_root_tab, rom_hci_cmd_desc_root_tab, 48);(文件的53行)
if ((GetWord16(SYS_STAT_REG) & DBG_IS_UP) == DBG_IS_UP)
__asm("BKPT #0\n");

Tx power not at 0 dBm

Tue, 2017-10-10 14:40 -- wisilica


We are working on DA 14585 chipset using SDK 6.0.2. We are implementing a code in which the data is getting advertised every one second. While observing the RF signal using spectrum analyzer, it is observed that, instead of having peak rssi value at 0dBm, the values were observed to fluctuate from -12-120 dBm.
Please suggest the possible reasons for the same.


PCB shape when using ZOR antenna

Tue, 2017-10-10 06:36 -- dmitryp

Hi there,

I have a question in regards to PCB shape when using ZOR antenna. Is it acceptable to have a round PCB shape or the shape of substrate must be rectangular under the antenna as it is defined in AN-8-27 antenna reference design document? Would the design with cutouts be more appropriate? (please refer to the file attached)

SC_RX_TIMEOUT error while executing production test

Fri, 2017-10-06 12:07 -- wisilica


I have been using the prod test.exe application available in the location E:\Dialog\DA14585\SDK\DA14585_SDK_6.0.2.243_0\DA14585_SDK\\binaries\host\windows\prod_test_cmds. While trying to execute the CLI command prodtest -p 14 unmodulated TX 2404 [UNMODULATED TX], the status code 9, SC_RX_TIMEOUT is getting returned. Please suggest the possible reasons for the same.


RF testing for DA 14585

Fri, 2017-10-06 09:59 -- wisilica


We need to perform RF testing on the DA 14585 chipset. I was trying to use the RF master in the smart snippets toolbox for the same, but was not able to produce any results. The basic requirement is to send unmodulated carrier waves in the 3 different frequencies corresponding to channel 37,38 and 39 and to verify the power and frequency of the output wave using spectrum analyser. Please suggest the possible way to do this.

Thanks and regards


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