Thu, 2017-09-14 09:17 -- stanley_yeh

Hi there,
We use an oscilloscope to estimate the SWITCH pin (QFN40, no.21 pin), https://imgur.com/a/COPbF
As we know, we can use this pin to know whether DA14585 is in extend sleep mode or not, right?
It is really weird that if I burn the code into SysRAM by using the booter function of SmartSnippets, the SWITCH will always high (never be low).
However, If I burn the same code into Flash, the SWITCH pin will be high only when the DA14585 is awake.
What's the reason?
Thanks you very much!

scatter file modification

Tue, 2017-09-12 12:23 -- ohyama toshinari


My program size is 34KB.

Then I checked retention_mode at init_retention_mode() in arch_main.c
ret_mode is 0x0b , this means Sysram1/2/4 are retained.

I want to move small amount of code in SysRam2 into empty area in Sysram4, and retain only Sysram1/4.
Please tell me how to modify scatter file.

Aborting sleep

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:05 -- Eric Scammell

I have an interrupt connected to a button which I use to trigger several behaviours.
I'm finding that some of those behaviours misbehave after OTP, which I attribute to sleep mode causing me to lose data somewhere or interrupt operations such as DMA.
I'm experimenting with an alternative architecture where the interrupt sets a flag to cause these behaviours to be executed in the main loop, so I can better control the timing and order of events, but I've got a loophole I'm struggling to close.

variable in retention_mem_area0

Fri, 2017-09-08 06:47 -- stanley_yeh

Hi there,
I declare many variables such as following example...
static uint8_t test __attribute__((section("retention_mem_area0"), zero_init));

And my questions are...
1. After printing the address of the variable, It's 0x7FD4804(in SysRAM4:). Why?
2. Why doesn't the variable be stored in SysRAM1?
3. Does It means the variable will be cleared in extend sleep mode? But the value of the variable is still correct, why?


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