Scan Interval | Scan Window values

Thu, 2017-06-22 12:43 -- wisilica


I am working on the ble app peripheral project, wherein the device is in GAP_ROLE_ALL role. The device scans for BLE packets and retransmits them at regular intervals of time. My query is about the scan interval and window parameter to be set. What is the maximum value which can be given for these parameters?


Development System Changes

Sat, 2017-06-17 21:10 -- Craig Flanagan

Gentlemen, I needed to move to the DA14585 or 6 because I needed more RAM/Flash. My application is written on the
5.03 development system. When I looked at the new 6.02.243 development system I saw that all of the handlers for
the cust1 Bluetooth services are completely rewritten. This means that I will have to completely rewrite/debug my code, a
task which could literally take months of time. Needless to say I am very freaked out by this.


Tue, 2017-06-13 17:52 -- wisilica

I am working on the ble_app_peripheral project. I want to implement scan functionality in the device.
void listen_start()
struct gapm_start_scan_cmd* cmd = KE_MSG_ALLOC
cmd->op.code = GAPM_SCAN_ACTIVE;
cmd->op.addr_src = GAPM_STATIC_ADDR;
cmd->interval = 200;
cmd->window = 200;
cmd->mode = GAP_OBSERVER_MODE;
cmd->filt_policy = SCAN_ALLOW_ADV_ALL;

Free compiler support in long run

Sun, 2017-06-04 23:29 -- PauliusMorku

I want to ask if there are any intentions to support Eclipse environment with GCC compiler for DA1458x devices. Simple barebone code examples almost reach 32k code limit on Keil and therefore it seems unwise to start any new projects on these devices if you are not planning to buy Keil. Or maybe there is some workaround that I am not aware of?

Thank you,

Scan | Retransmission - role switch

Wed, 2017-05-31 11:11 -- wisilica

Hi Dialog Team,

I am customising the ble_app_peripheral to implement the following requirement.
1) Device should scan for BLE packets in the GAP_OBSERVER_SCA mode.
2) Upon reception of the first BLE packet, the packet has to be retransmitted by the device as soon as possible.
3) After retransmission of the packet, the device should switch back to scanning mode.
We have to continue this process (steps 1 - 3) throughout the life of the device.
Please let us know if this (role switch) is supported by SDK 6.0.2.

Custom profile

Wed, 2017-05-31 10:14 -- wisilica

I have been working previously on SDK 5.0.4. Now, recently I am developing application in SDK 6.0.2 and I have the following queries to make :

1. CUSTS2_IDX_MAX has not been defined in SDK 6.0.2 whereas it has been defined in SDK 5.0.4. I am adding 2 custom profiles in my application, and because of the above stated reason, errors have occured during compilation.

2. How do we add more than 2 custom profiles in the application?


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