FINETGTIMINT not been cleared, resulting in broadcast exception

Mon, 2020-08-17 02:53 -- moiify

The parameter has set the ADV_FOVEVER, but the device may stop broadcasting abnormally after two or three days (it has not been operated during this period). I checked the ble related registers, compared with the normal device, found BLE_ INTCNTL_ ,This bit in reg is set to 1, and the normal broadcast one is 0. I called ea_finetimer_isr() or software write 0, both can make abnormal device broadcast recovery. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Is rwble_isr()not triggered? how to slove it?  Thank you!~



Prod_Test Binaries Not Working on Dev Board JTAG?

Wed, 2020-08-12 16:32 -- tim.payne1


I have DA14585 Dev Kit, and am loading the prod_test binaries for RF testing:  ...\binaries\da14585\prod_test.

When I got to RF Master, and select JTAG, it appears the binaries are flashed to the dev board.

However, when I select continious TX we do not set any output in front of a spectrum analzyer.

Is there a reason flashing prod_test_585.hex to the dev board through JTAG would not work wth RF Master like this?

How to reduce the space occupied by sdk6

Tue, 2020-08-04 11:40 -- anivia

       When we used da14585 to develop, we encountered the problem of insufficient chip resources (RAM). Is there some way to reduce the space occupied by sdk6 itself in order to accommodate more of my user programs?
In addition, I feel that the space (RAM) occupied by sdk6 in demo empty_peripheral_template is more than the resource (RAM) occupied by sdk5, right?


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