Poor Signal

Fri, 2021-01-15 10:46 -- TP2017

I'm not able to connect when my device is more than 6 feet away. I have a DA14586 with a ZOR Antenna 1.6mm substrate (design from 5.4 AN-B-027). It has a matching circuit that AN-B-027 recommends which I've uploaded (Antenna_cir.pdf). I think I should be getting more range. Is there something else I should be doing?

I'm using some Bluetooth debugging software and I get -85dBm at 6 feet.

Am I supposed to put a setting in OTP_HDR_TRIM_RFIO_CAP_ADDR to help the DA14586 match the antenna/network?


CodeLess Binary mode doesn't work DA14586

Thu, 2021-01-07 23:40 -- marios

Hello Dialog Support ! 

We have two Da14586 and we need to send data to each other. Mobile phone connects and send the proper data on the first DA14586 then a script executed and sets the below script in sequence:



we send the AT+BINREQ but the AT +BINREQKACK  seems that never replied back with "OK" as manual indicated.

And when we tried to send data nothing has received in the other side.


Thanks in advance,







High power Consumption DSPS DA14586 Extended sleep mode

Sun, 2021-01-03 21:19 -- marios

Hello Dialog Support ! 

We have DA14586 Custom board that boots from internal spi flash,Also  we have configure it with Extendeed sleep mode and HW flow control 

the system is advertising as expected and the HW flow control works ok we recive the data sucessfully from mobile device.

But we are seeing a constant high current consumption. 

The settings that we have made are atached.

Also schematic conections.

The version of DSPS that we have flashed is: v_5.150.2


Thanks in advance,


DA14586 goes in non-responsive mode, Wake up interrupt gets executed but user_on_system_powered is not called

Wed, 2020-12-23 05:41 -- Bhavik

Hi Sir,

We are working on project using DA14586 microcontroller. Currently we have disable BLE part and using CP2102N uart to usb bridge for communication with PC tool as COM port. DA14586 1-GPIO interrupt is connected to CP2102N gpio for USB detection (Connect-Disconnect) identification. Device is working fine as alraedy in production.

uart only received 16 bytes

Fri, 2020-12-18 16:19 -- wenzhe

Hi Dialog,

I'm following example uart2_loopback_test.c to write my uart application, where I need to receive string line by line from a uart peripheral.

therefore,  I call uart_read to read a byte and callback is triggered after a byte is recieved; inside uart_read_cb(), a message is sent once symbol line feeds and return is detected, and then call uart read to force endless uart read.

code is post as below.

my issue is with this method,  only received  16 bytes are recieved,  while uart peripheral sends more than 16 bytes (30 bytes actually, let's say).

#error "USE_AT_FLOWCONTROL needs HW Flow Control Enabled"

Fri, 2020-12-11 10:32 -- marios

Hello Dialog !

I'm trying to build Codeless SDK 6.380.12.6  the selected DA14586 target 

With the Hardware flow control set to NONE at user_periph_setup.h 

I'm geting the folowing build error in keil:

compiling user_periph_setup.c...
..\src\platform\user_periph_setup.c(100): error:  #35: #error directive: "USE_AT_FLOWCONTROL needs HW Flow Control Enabled"
  #error "USE_AT_FLOWCONTROL needs HW Flow Control Enabled"
..\src\platform\user_periph_setup.c: 0 warnings, 1 error

please help me to fix this issue 

Thanks in advance,

Development Kit to DA14586 Custom Board Connection

Tue, 2020-12-01 06:38 -- MarkDsylva_2277


Hi Dialog_Team,

We are using DA14586 in a custom board design. We have a DA14580DEVKT. 

Our requirment is to program the flash memory of the DA14586 IC.

What are the pin connections needed from the development kit for uploading program into the flash memory?





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