User Manual Documentation outdated ?

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User Manual Documentation outdated ?


I am new to DA1458x development, and I just managed to setup the dev tools etc on Windows with Keil.

I am now looking to develop a new app based on an accelerometer.

The issue I am facing is, the paths and structures in user manuals UM-B-003 are not consistent with the contents of the SDK, and I think they are outdated. Is there going to be a new document anytime soon ? Are there any other documents that I should avoid because they are outdated?

Please help me out, it's getting rather difficult to get my project off the ground.

Thank you all

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Hi ankitdaf,

Hi ankitdaf,

Sorry about this, i guess that you are using the new SDK, if you are using the latest SDK because its a new release there isn't much info yet. You can be advised for building your code from those two docs, please follow links below:

Thanks MT_dialog