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the voltage of VDCDC

Hi dialog,
I have layout a board using the typical circuit (buck mode)recommanded in DA14580 datasheet. But the output voltage of VDCDC is 2.8V~3.0V(I tested 3 borads,the same result).And the wave shape of 16M crystal is not stable.
I knows that it should be 1.41V, and have check the powersupply, the ground, but can not find the reason.
Does anybody know the reason?

best regards.

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Hello Terry, I will send you

Hello Terry, I will send you a mesasge and you can send me your layout and schematic - we can have one of the team review that.

BR JE_Dialog

MH_Dialog (not verified)
Hello Terry,

Hello Terry,

If you are able to probe the SWITCH pin, please capture the scope screen and share it to us.